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Commercial Management
Oea Consulting - Commercil Management

Since we operate in a rapidly-evolving working environment, business needs keep emerging. Positioning and aligning commercial processes to meet such needs become more crucial to any E&P company which operates mainly in the upstream sector of the oil & gas industry. 

Our experts have built, during the years, a deep understanding of the important elements that drive business success. We come with workable and creative ideas in order to offer customized and enhanced solutions to meet business objectives, and we continuously monitor those solutions to ensure that commercial transactions are adapted to business goals.​

Contract Management

With today’s fast changing business environment, commercial relationships keep changing. This is where contracts become more fundamental than ever in driving business performance and adding value to an organization.

We carefully prepare contracts, that translate business objectives into an agreement, and address all aspect of the regulatory environment. We design contracts in a way that maximizes return and makes best use of available resources in the drilling departments and many other.


Also, by considering all industry, geographic and product specifics, we structure contracts to enable easy change and adaptability.

Oea Consulting - Contract Management
Contracts Risk Assessment
Oea Consulting - Contacts Risk Assessment

The understanding of the rights and obligations of both parties provides a framework for the emerging changes caused by altered business conditions, new technologies, evolving regulations, or resulting from a merger or an acquisition..

Developing a comprehensive commercial and contractual risk assessment is important before embarking upon a new venture. We have developed valuable tools and templates that facilitates clearing the picture of what may come forth.

We assess contractual risks at all levels by making sure that all internal and external factors have been scrutinized.

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